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Wed, 10 Nov 1999 08:48:33 -0800 (PST)

Hi Liz, I had a great time with all of you Library Video company people
and I really appreciate being included as part of the dinner group. The
company and conversation were exceptional but the food was "fabulous." I
plan to send you "guys" a formal thank you but have not found the time just
yet. Being Chair of the VRT, plus a free-lance consultant, Booklist
reviewer and university tennis coach has kept me quite busy. We're also
starting a music CD collection at the library and I'm doing all the
cataloging (was supposed to be done 11/1, but not quite there yet.)
Hopefully, we will be purchasing the Native American series and a couple
more from LVC soon. Take care. Jim Scholtz.

At 11:43 AM 11/3/99 -0800, you wrote:
>Dear Jim:
>Boy you were right. I found lots of good stuff which I will pass on to my
>friend. Besides that, how are you? It was great getting to know you at the
>Market. I hope all is well.
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>Hi Liz, You'll find a whole "truckload" of Crisis Management/violence in
>the schools, teacher training videos if you go to the National Media Market
>website - and download the searchable database (in Microsoft
>Access format) approx. 420Kb. Search under school violence, conflict using
>the find command under the pull-down edit menu. I believe AIT has many of
>the titles. (Youth Crises series and conflict Resolution in Our Schools
>series) AIT, Box A, Bloomington, IN 47402 (800) 457-4509. Hope this
>information helps. Jim Scholtz.
>At 09:32 AM 11/2/99 -0800, you wrote:
>>A friend of mine is teaching a course and is looking for any videos or
>>training materials available on Security or Crisis Management in schools,
>>K-12. The types of materials he needs are "train the trainer", in other
>>words teaching educators on how to deal with these issues in their schools.
>>I'd appreciate any specific titles or any suggestions of vendors who may
>>carry these types of materials.
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