Re: DVD Cometh

Rick Provine (
Thu, 4 Nov 1999 10:37:58 -0800 (PST)

Exactly. There is nothing qualitatively superior inherent in a DVD. Only
the capacity to provide higher quality. Its still compressed video. DVD
is only a a storage medium, like a floppy disc. You only get off of it
what was put on.

Very often, filks do put "crap" on them.

Remember too that the promise of DVD included multiple camera angles,
multiple subtitles and languages, blah blah. How much of that do you see?

Which brings up an interesting side effect of DVD's in the catalog: Now if
you do a keyword search for French films, you get all of the new DVD's that
have a French language track, even if the original language was English.
Same with Spanish. Has anyone dealt with this as a cataloging issue?

At 10:21 AM 11/4/99 -0800, you wrote:
>As to old movies, does the fact that a movie appears on a DVD mean that it
>has been
>digitally remastered to take advantage of the DVD format?
>What if someone takes a poor "original" and "dubs" it directly on
>a DVD. Then wouldn't the quality still be poor?

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