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Jeanne Bullock (
Wed, 3 Nov 1999 12:25:54 -0800 (PST)


At the Evansville Public Library (Indiana) we were getting requests by patrons
for DVDs (especially after Christmas last year). They were getting new
computers (with DVD drives) and DVD players for Christmas.

Also, for newly released feature films, the cost of a DVD is cheaper at the
time of original release than the video.

At first we were getting only those titles that were in OCLC, so that we would
not be "wasting time" with original cataloging, until we saw how the public
reacted in circ.

We have a Central library and 7 branches and the locale of the branch makes a
difference on circ numbers.

Hope this helps.

Jeanne Bullock
TSD (non-print cataloger)
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To those public librarians out there who have begun collecting DVDs, how
did you decide to start? Did you survey patrons to determine DVD player
ownership, did you use industry reports, etc?