Re: Brecht's play "Das Leben des Galilei"

Jessica (
Wed, 3 Nov 1999 07:19:18 -0800 (PST)

This is one of the LEGENDARY american film theater titles. There are some
out there but I can not imagine anyone would loan it as it is VERY RARE AND
VERY VALUABLE. Norman at Video Oyster sometimes has copies but I suspect the
run close to a $1000. There are rumblings that Warner Bros may release these
sometime but don't hold your breath

>From: Roy Morgan <>
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>Subject: Brecht's play "Das Leben des Galilei"
>Date: Tue, Nov 2, 1999, 11:08 PM

>I've had a request for information that I would appreciate your help with.
>Please respond directly to Cathy Powell at NCSU with a copy to me.
>Roy Morgan
>> A professor at our University has asked our department to obtain a video
>> of the following in English or with English sub-titles:
>> Brecht's play "Das Leben des Galilei"
>> The only location we could find is at the University of Heidelberg in
>> Germany but upon contacting them, we were informed that their copy was
>> produced from a television show and cannot be used except by their
>> library.
>> Information on their video is as follows:
>> Das Leben des Galilei Galileo
>> England, 1974.
>> Actors: Topol, Judy Parfitt, Tim Woodward
>> Director: Joseph Losey
>> In English
>> It appears that a variation in the copyright date, actors, and producer
>> is acceptable. If you can provide us with any information as to where
>> we could possibly obtain a copy of a similar video, please reply asap.
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