RE: DVD Cometh to the Public Library???

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Subject: RE: DVD Cometh to the Public Library???

We started circulating DVDs 6 months ago and they have gone out quite well.
Obviously, at this point, they circulate more at branches in more
"affluent" neighborhoods. But we have a small collection of about 50 DVDs
at our Central Branch and some of them have gone out 20-30 times in 6
months. There are quite a bit of people out there with DVD players, and I
can't find one of our titles that hasn't circulated at least three or four
times in that time span. There aren't a lot of educational or documentary
DVDs yet, so most of our collection is made up of popular titles. But we do
buy the documentaries that we find, and those titles have gone out 6-12
times in 6 months. And as far as price is concerned, DVDs are close in
price to videos, and in many cases, even cheaper.

At this point, it has been helpful to have both formats-- DVD and
videotape-- as the new format continues to grow.

Scott Lehman
Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library
Audio Visual Services

Scott M. Lehman
Reader's Advisor/Audio Visual Services 22 SE 5th Street
Evansville/Vanderburgh County Public Library 812 428-8248