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Frank Landrum (
Tue, 2 Nov 1999 12:05:26 -0800 (PST)

Thanks for stirring the pot Gary. Like many others I am cautious about DVD
and also thought it somewhat like laserdisc. In the past few months - and
particularly after attending the National Media Market last month - I am
becoming convinced that it somehow ties into our national move to
digitizing. Congress may be wrong about 2006, but I think this is part of
the process that we will go through as we look digital delivery, video
streaming, or whatever it becomes. It may not be this format, but digital
will take over. (Hey I was skeptical about Compact Discs, but my kids
forced me into the modern world). It appeared at the NMM that several
companies are into and committed to educational video - at least at the
k-12 arena. We plan on buying some DVD and players and sending them out
together to our schools.
I may asking for rosary beads before it's all over.
Thanks for listening. Let's hear more from others about their thoughts.
Be kind to yourself!
Frank Landrum
Lane ESD

At 08:45 AM 11/2/99 -0800, you wrote:
>Hi folks!
>In my frantic desire to justify buying ten new DVD players ("cheapie" Sony
>DVP S330's about $250 a pop...if you care), I began nosing around industry
>other trade sources in search of indicators of the viability of this
>medium. Some interesting stats from an Oct. 18, 1999 Phillips Businss
>Information report:
>Projected growth of DVD Content and Devices:
>DVD Discs in U.S. and Europe for '99 -- 77 million units (sold)
>DVD Discs expected by 20002 -- more than 2 billion units (sold)
>Worldwide DVD Devices for 99' -- 17 million (sold)(I think this may include
>DVD-ROM drives as well as DVD players)
>Worldwide DVD Devices expected by 2005 - 144 million (sold)
>The August 16, 1999 Phillips report quotes the International Recording
>Media Association in its projection that "there will be nearly 25 million
>DVD players and a billions discs sold worldwide by 2003
>The Phillips report for May 14, 1999 indicated the following projections:
>US DVD-ROM Title releases (I think this includes both movies and games?)
>1998 - 100
>1999 - 750
>2000 - 2000
>2001 - 4000
>2002 - 7000
>20003 11,000
>Still, one wonders how much of the current body of analog
>video--theatrical, documentary, educational,etc.--is likely to make it over
>the fence into digitaldom... Somehow, I have this continuing fear that a
>lot of wonderful and weird will never make the transition...It occurs to me
>that, like Neanderthal and Homo Sapiens, we're likely to see the
>evolutionary dead-end and the evolutionary vanguard existing in uneasy
>tandem for some time to come.
>gary handman
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