Looking for "The Twentieth Century" series

Thu, 28 Oct 1999 12:33:46 -0700 (PDT)

Hello all --

I was kicked off the list last week when our mail server crashed. I am
back now, and with a question (of course!):

I am looking for the series "The Twentieth Century" that was made in the
60's with Walter Kronkite narrating. It is historical in focus and there
are about 15 titles in this series. The last distributor I can find was
Films, Inc., who no longer carries it, and it was produced by David Wolper
Prod., but I can't find anything on it from that angle.

Looking on the web for this title was crazy, with all the stuff being done
on "The 20th Century" to celebrate the millennium.... ;)

If anyone knows of a current distributor for this series, please let me
know. (This is not the series on art by the same name....)

any leads appreciated!


Sue DeHut
EMS, Linfield College