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Hi, Karen.
While I don't know anything about the availability of this video (other than that it's NOT
listed in Video Source Book and isn't in OCLC), the Internet Movie Database does confirm
it was made. IMDB listed only the title, year (1976) and two actors (Shatner & John
Travolta). This may not be helpful, but I'm wondering if the character he played might've
been named Stanley MILGRAM, rather than Miligan? Unless, of course, they purposely
changed the name slightly from the real person.... Sorry I don't know any more.


> I am also looking for a video called "The Tenth Level" that starred William
> Shatner from the 1970's. The character he plays is Dr. Stanley Miligan and
> is about a shocking experience on obedience. Thanks again in advance for
> any help.
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