Sunrise (1927) - Ad Nauseum

M. Dew (
Thu, 28 Oct 1999 07:11:28 -0700 (PDT)


I, too, am fascinated by this thread.
I made a point to sit down and watch our Critics Choice VHS "bootleg"
of Sunrise yesterday. Oddly enough, before the opening
credits, it lists the people responsible for the "remastering." (my
quotes - in both cases, the latent lawyer in me) But that doesn't
necessarily prove anything.

Since I have never had the privilege of seeing a pristine 35mm or
16mm print of the film, I had nothing to compare it to but the other
70-yr.old silent films we have in our collection in VHS format.
It's better than many other public domain transfers we've paid good
money for, and not as good as the KINO transfers.

As Dennis pointed out, I certainly aquired the tape in good faith
from CC. It's been used in film study classes here. Aside from any
technical issues, in terms of content and style, it is indeed an
amazing film (even the intertitles are works of art). I can see why
it won that special Oscar back in '27 or '28 or whenever. Murnau
just totally ROCKS, visually speaking.

So.... are there any employees of Critics Choice on this list?

BTW, I've had to live with a HORRIBLE transfer of Polanski's
Repulsion for some time now. It's still frightened the bejeesus out
of me the first time I watched it. I recently had a chance to see a
cleaned up 35mm print in a theatre and I was glad that I knew the
film well enough, thanks to watching the crappy video, to be able to
pay attention to other aspects of the film. Hopefully this means
that a new transfer of this great film is out or on the way?

-Margaret D.

> I hesitate to even ask this because I am afraid of getting flamed,
>but couldn't you argue that having a BAD copy (albeit soft focus,
>poor transfer, dark/murky image, splices, et al) is better than
>having NO COPY at all?

> I will confess that originally I was looking to purchase this video for my
> own personal collection, so I am not crazy about the idea of buying a "less
> than legitimate" studio authorized version. When it comes to purchasing
> for the library, I hesitate for exactly the same reason, perhaps even
> more so.