Sunrise (1927) - Part II

Eric Fry (
Wed, 27 Oct 1999 21:36:42 -0700 (PDT)

Dear VIDEOLIBbers:

What an interesting thread this turned out to be, and all because I was
looking for a video! I thank everyone for your insightful comments. I
did call Fox Home Video this morning. They have no plans to release
_Sunrise_ on video at this time (an anticipated response).

I hesitate to even ask this because I am afraid of getting flamed, but
couldn't you argue that having a BAD copy (albeit soft focus, poor
transfer, dark/murky image, splices, et al) is better than having NO COPY
at all?

I will confess that originally I was looking to purchase this video for my
own personal collection, so I am not crazy about the idea of buying a "less
than legitimate" studio authorized version. When it comes to purchasing
for the library, I hesitate for exactly the same reason, perhaps even
more so. But couldn't you argue the fact that again you are denying
someone else a chance to see a truly great film, even if it isn't under
the best of circumstances? Or does this all simply boil down to the
question of legalities?

I now don my flameproof suit and await your thoughts. (!!!) ;-)

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