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Dennis and Jessica,
You guys are amazing and continue to be an incredible wealth of
information to us all! That's what I like so much about this listserve!
Eric may have been searching for the film but, I've enjoyed the commentary!
Beth Hansen

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> Dear Eric,
> Unfortunately, some of the earlier answers don't tell the whole
> story. Kino
> actually has never released Sunrise -- they released Murnau's "The Last
> Laugh" and "Faust" and "Nosferatu" while we released "Tabu"
> Critics Choice Video did indeed release a VHS of Sunrise but it was an
> illegal bootleg from Killiam Pictures. It was from good material,
> but it's a
> fifteen year old transfer that is fairly "soft" (unfocused). And
> of course,
> it was illegal and I don't know if they still carry it.
> Unfortunately, the laserdisc is the only legal and good quality version
> available, though we always hope the 20th Century Fox will give
> in and either
> release it themselves or have Kino or Milestone release it for them.
> Dennis Doros
> Milestone Film & Video
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> First I wanted to thank everyone who responded to my original query re:
> Listening/Viewing Rooms in libraries. Your thoughts on the subject will
> help shape our policies here at the Fort Worth Public Library.
> But now on to my next question. Does anyone know where I can purchase a
> (preferably) new VHS copy of Sunrise, the 1927 silent film starring Janet
> Gaynor? I've checked most of the "popular" sources and it seems that all
> I can find is that it is available on laserdisc only. Any suggestions?
> Thanks in advance,
> Eric Fry
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