Re: Sunrise (1927)
Tue, 26 Oct 1999 09:02:20 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Eric,

Unfortunately, some of the earlier answers don't tell the whole story. Kino
actually has never released Sunrise -- they released Murnau's "The Last
Laugh" and "Faust" and "Nosferatu" while we released "Tabu"

Critics Choice Video did indeed release a VHS of Sunrise but it was an
illegal bootleg from Killiam Pictures. It was from good material, but it's a
fifteen year old transfer that is fairly "soft" (unfocused). And of course,
it was illegal and I don't know if they still carry it.

Unfortunately, the laserdisc is the only legal and good quality version
available, though we always hope the 20th Century Fox will give in and either
release it themselves or have Kino or Milestone release it for them.

Dennis Doros
Milestone Film & Video

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First I wanted to thank everyone who responded to my original query re:
Listening/Viewing Rooms in libraries. Your thoughts on the subject will
help shape our policies here at the Fort Worth Public Library.

But now on to my next question. Does anyone know where I can purchase a
(preferably) new VHS copy of Sunrise, the 1927 silent film starring Janet
Gaynor? I've checked most of the "popular" sources and it seems that all
I can find is that it is available on laserdisc only. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

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