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> Hello,
> We are in the process of reviewing the role, staffing, and place within
> the organizational structure of our Audiovisual Services unit. At the
> moment, A/V is part of the Library's Access Services area, which includes
> Circulation and Interlibrary Loan. The A/V staff includes 3 full-time
> employees (a supervisor of 5 student workers, and 2 technicians) . In
> addition to providing A/V software (videos, laserdiscs, etc.) for
> classroom teaching, the A/V unit purchases, maintains and delivers
> equipment to classrooms. The equipment function is what we're reviewing.
> Over the last few years, the demands for increasingly sophisticated
> projection and multimedia equipment has grown tremendously. In addition,
> the College's growth to 4 campuses, 10 extension sites and multiple
> buildings on the main campus, has made maintenance and delivery of needed
> items more and more difficult. Recently, questions have arisen over
> support for computer projection equipment in computer labs/classrooms,
> support which was traditionally provided by computer services. There has
> also been talk of moving toward the creation of more multimedia-ready
> classrooms. We know our present organizational structure isn't meeting
> the needs of our faculty and students, so we are beginning to explore
> other organizational options. My personal background is in Circulation,
> ILL, & Acquisitions, with knowledge of A/V functions gleaned over the last
> few years. I know some academic institutions house A/V within the
> library, while others have separate A/V or media centers. I would
> appreciate hearing from other academic institutions about the place of A/V
> within the college/university. Answers to the following questions would
> be most helpful to me, but I am open to any advise you would like to
> provide on what has worked (or not) at your institution.
> Thank you very much.
> Heather
> 1. What services does your audiovisual unit provide? We provide both
> hardware and software, ie. films, video plus media equipment, we also run
> closed circuit televition on campus where we broadcast on 8 channels.
> 2. How are needs for instructional media equipment met? We run a loan
> centre from the library for both hardware and software and honour loan
> centres located in each building on campus where faculty can book out
> hardware.
> 3. Where does the A/V unit fit within the organizational structure of
> your institution? Media Services falls within the library which is named
> "Library and Media Services".
> 4. What level of staffing does the unit have? The department is run by
> myself, as Media Services Librarian and I report directly to the Manager,
> Library and Media Services. The dept. is staffed by 5 full-time Library
> Technicians and two full-time Electronics Technologists. We also have
> student part-timers to staff the unit on the weekends and in the evening.
> 5. Who provides the leadership and planning for the unit? What previous
> experience did this person bring to the position? I fulfill this role, I
> have a Masters Degree in Library and Information Science and worked within
> the Public Library system for 18 years, part of which was Head of A.V.
> I teach Media Information to Library Technicians here at the College and
> also I teach a full-time course called "Information Media" at the Masters
> Level in the Faculty of Information and Media Studies at the University of
> Western Ontario.
> If you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to
> contact me.
> elaine
> Elaine J. Vitali
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