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In addition to the citation from Steven Davies, a good source to check is
<>, primarily a searchable stock shot online resource with the
holdings of dozens of such services. Other types of footage houses,
libraries, etc. are represented as well, but keep in mind that you will
probably have to pay for the footage. Going through the local TV
stations in LA is too much of a nightmare especially if your patron
needs it immediately.

Also, if you go the footage library route, telling them you are a
non-profit institution, using the footage for scholarly/educational use,
or one-time viewing (assuming that's the case, as opposed to classroom
viewing), you might get a price break. Or if lucky, find a source that
will lend it for free.

Other library sources to check would be the UCLA Film & Television Archive
<> [use the 'power search' function and limit search to
'only non-books'--broader search or 'videorecordings' or 'motion
pictures']. Just did a quick & dirty search w/ Reginald Denny as
"subject" and came up with a total of 9 hits, including beating footage
and trial coverage.

You could also try the Vanderbit Television News Archive (Vanderbilt
Univ), which tapes news broadcasts off the air <>.

Finally, you could check the National Archives and Records
Administration database <>, though I doubt
they would have anything. Never mind -- I checked while typing this and
their db shows nothing.

Hope this helps.


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On Mon, 18 Oct 1999, David Kirk wrote:

> Hi group,
> I have a faculty member in urgent need (isn't it always?) of footage of the
> beating of R. Denney during the L.A. riots. Any suggestions of video
> titles which contain this news footage?
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