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If I may bud in here...

There have been three-and-a-half documentaries (at least) made about Jane
Elliott and her blue eyes / brown eyes anti-racism work.

1. "Eye of the Storm" was the first. It was produced in 1970 for one of
the networks and looks at Jane's work with her fourth grade class. It's
fairly widely available.

2. "A Class Divided" was produced by Frontline (in 1985, I believe) and
looks back at Jane's work since her teaching days, including scenes from
"Eye of the Storm." Try PBS Video.

3. "Blue Eyed" (93 minutes) is the most recent Jane Elliott film. Produced
in 1998, she subjects a group of adults to the stress of her withering
anti-racism workshop. The film also visits Jane in her Iowa home where she
explains the philosophy behind her controversial approach, its history and
the response to it. The film includes, of course, scenes from the original
"Eye of the Storm" as well as the requisite reunion scene with some of her
students 30 years later. "Blue Eyed" is available from California Newsreel.

3 1/2. "The Essential Blue Eyed" is an edited (50 min) version of "Blue
Eyed." While "Blue Eyed" has become one of the best-sellers Newsreel has
ever had, still, many folks told us it was just too long for many
educational and training contexts. So we cut this shorter version (and also
appended to the end a 35-minute video of Jane de-briefing her workshop which
can serve as a model for educators and trainers).

More information, including a Facilitator's Guide and transcripts can be
found at the California Newsreel web site,


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