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Also, concepts related to the business aspects of technology
and culture would be the deliberate obsolesence of technology
(such as records, 8-track, audiocassette, CD, ?, etc) and the
mergers of large companies into mega companies who will
ultimately be able to buy and sell the world. Conspiracy theory
runs rampant again.

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Hi Kris,

One of the best series I've seen is called "Visions of Heaven and Hell:
Information Technology and the Future" (VL-5/97) from Films for the
Humanities (800-257-5126). The series dates from 1995, but the
interviewees--Howard Rheingold, William Gibson, Jaron Lanier--are a few
years ahead of the rest of us, so it seems remarkably contemporary.


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> A prof in cognitive science is going to use "Quest for Fire" in her course
> on Technology and Culture. She wants other suggestions. I gave her the
> _Connections_ series with James Burke if she wants a documentary series,
> but I'm drawing a blank on other titles. Here's her actual request. Any
> ideas? Thanks... -- Kris
> "...if you should think of any other films which might help demonstrate
> the effects of technology (or discoveries/inventions) on people's lives
> and thought, I'd be happy to hear about them."
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