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I have taught this course, more or less, at National University.
The entire "Connections" series, esp. I and II are wonderful.
Any title dealing with Henry Ford works. I think there is
something on him in the "Great Depression" series. There was a
great title "Goodbye Guttenberg" which is probably OP now. Off
to the side a bit would be all the titles on TV and violence.

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A prof in cognitive science is going to use "Quest for Fire" in her course
on Technology and Culture. She wants other suggestions. I gave her the
_Connections_ series with James Burke if she wants a documentary series,
but I'm drawing a blank on other titles. Here's her actual request. Any
ideas? Thanks... -- Kris

"...if you should think of any other films which might help demonstrate
the effects of technology (or discoveries/inventions) on people's lives
and thought, I'd be happy to hear about them."

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