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Jessica (
Thu, 7 Oct 1999 09:40:21 -0700 (PDT)

assuming this was listed and it was not part of a regular class you DO need
a PPR licence, However
If you had asked I would not have charged you anyway because I like to
support those kinds of screenings ( Of course now the charge is $1000)
Seriously there is A lot of misconception of this one
The face to face exemption ONLY applies to regularly scheduled classes as
PART of the regular curriculum and is limited to the students enrolled in
the class. There is no generic EDUCATIONAL excemption. Just because it takes
place at a university and a Prof speaks at the screening does NOT make it
covered under Face to Face which is the ONLY exception for screening a whole
film. THere seems to be very widespread ignorence on this one but it is
really very straightforward.


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>Subject: Re: fair use question
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>> Once you invite the world (even if the world is only as large as campus),
>> you've blown your face-to-face teaching exemption...and adios fair use.
>Whoa! Say it ain't so!
>I invited faculty, staff and students to a screening of the new DVD
>of the Tin Drum to kick off Banned Books/Films week. Before the
>screening, a law prof discussed the Oklahoma case and a German prof
>discussed the artistic merit of the film. It took place in a
>classroom on campus. This didn't fall under fair use?
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