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Gary Handman (
Wed, 6 Oct 1999 08:19:18 -0700 (PDT)

Potentially cool new developments...

gary handman

>Good morning,
>Some time back you asked me to let you know how to trial our Web version
>of Media Review Digest. Although we're working a few final bugs out of
>the system, we think it's pretty close to INITIAL prime time. (Note: we
>plan to add a few utilities, including an "e-mail record" routine.)
>For a free trial, go to:
> signon: mrdtrial
> password: guest
>The full title of Media Review Digest is not used in the selection menu,
>to keep the menu short. All databases are OPEN, even though this is set
>up for trial of MRD. There is no limitation in simultaneous users on
>this trial, so other colleagues can check out other portions of this
>database environment. We offer database packages, which include MRD;
>this is one way to get MRD at an even lower subscription price. For
>pricing, please see:
>Please note that we have three search levels: Simple Search; Advanced
>Search; and Browse. Some time in the future we will add a Power Search.
>You'll probably want to start with Advanced Search, because of the five
>filters that are available on that search interface.
>We would be pleased to work with other educational organizations to make
>this database and its implementation of even greater value to them. We
>welcome suggestions.
>Please feel free to pass this information on to others. This signon will
>be available for approximately 6 weeks. If you, or anyone else, have any
>questions, please call me:
>C. Edward Wall, at 800-678-2435
>Best wishes,
Gary Handman
Media Resources Center
Moffitt Library
UC Berkeley 94720-6000

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