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<< Hi all - Could anyone tell me what the difference is (if any?)
between *The Century* 6 tape set produced by ABC
Video, distributed by Buena Vista AND *The Century:
Events that Shaped the World* and *The Century:
Decades of Change* both put out by Films for the
Humanities? Not having them in my hand, I can't tell
whether these are one in the same. Anyone know?
Thanks- >>


Here's the information off the ABC News / History Channel boxed version that
Vide-O-Go distributes:

The Century: America's Time with Peter Jennings
6 Volume Boxed Set
Just Repriced This Week! MSRP: $79.95 (- 15% off MSRP for videolib

Volume I:
The Beginning: Seeds Of Change
1914-1919: Shell Shock
1920-1929: Boom To Bust

Volume II:
1929-1936: Stormy Weather
1936-1941: Over The Edge

Volume III:
1941-1945: Civilians At War
1941-1945: Homefront
1946-1952: Best Years

Volume IV:
1953-1960: Happy Daze
1960-1964: Poisoned Dreams
1965-1970: Unpinned

Volume V:
1971-1975: Approaching The Apocalypse
1976-1980: Starting Over

Volume VI:
1981-1989: A New World
The '90s And Beyond: Then And Now

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