Re: vacation suspend for videolib

Marguerite Hawkins (
Wed, 29 Sep 1999 20:48:48 -0700 (PDT)

Garry I hate to do this, but could you please HELP me. I have tried to supend
my mail using the instructions below but I am still getting mail. I leave
tomorrow to go on holidays for three weeks!!! My mail will be a nightmare when
I come back if I do not suspend the list for the time I am away.
Marguerite Hawkins
> Hi all.
> I've gotten a lot of inquiries re the procedures for suspending videolib
> and videonews messages during a vacation leave (or whatever). Here's how:
> To suspend mail from VideoLib, send the message 'set videolib mail
> postpone' to To
> resume mail from VideoLib, send the message "set videolib mail ack" or "set
> videolib mail noack" to "ACK" will acknowledge
> your list contributions, "NOACK" will not.
> These instructions and other info re videolib/videonews listserv commands are
> at:
> http://library/VideoLib/#Commands
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> Media Resources Center
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