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Tue, 28 Sep 1999 21:07:30 -0700 (PDT)

You forgot my favorite show on this Network. "INSANE REQUESTS FROM THE FACULTY" 2pm-5pm every other saterday
Tonight's discussion

getting and duping the following titles

THE RED CAT best short film at the 1957 Moscow film festival
CHICA BOOM a 1978 Peruvian musical about The Shining Path Guerrilas
which they are sure ran on TV in Mexico in 1985
JLG by JLG part 2 which they saw reviewed in Le Monde this week
J.D. Salinger's 1965 appearence on THE TONIGHT SHOW
Olivier in WAITING FOR GODOT from the 1962 Stradford Festival
A Widescreen copy of GONE WITH THE WIND
Murder in B Flat an MGM mystery from 1937 starring Charles Bickford
The Leopard
London After Midnight

Jessica Rosner

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