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Let's do it! And without advertising.

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At 01:07 PM 9/28/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Re: recent Telecom Headlines "The Info Culture: What's the Hurry"
>and "Phone Firms Give Video a Look."
>I, for one, am turning off my TV more and more recently. Why? I
>cannot tolerate the frequency of advertising in a 30 or 60 minute

Nothing beats time shifting. I tape what I want to watch and then fast
forward through what I don't want to watch.

> and the
>industry wants to bring 170 channels over a different system for
>another $35-70 per month? I already have satellite. How many more
>stations of junk can a person watch?

Well, maybe there'll be a media librarian specialty channel. Think of a
typical day of programming:

March 15, 2000:

6:00am Silent Foreign Film Festival on the Librarian theme: Feu Mathias
Pascal (1925)

7:30am Library Talk: Hosts Gary Handman and Kristine Brancolini interview
the video library newsmakers of the day. When weather permits they go
outside the studio and talk to the multitude of fans lined up to catch a
glimpse of them.

9:30am The Dennis and Jessica Hour. Dennis Doros and Jessica Rosner
demystify the world of feature film distribution with their amusing
repartee and fascinating guests.

11:00am The Classic Film Festival on the librarian theme: No Man of Her Own

1:00pm Film Copyright Cops (reality tv show --syndicated)

2:00pm The Post-WWII Film Festival on the Librarian theme: Desk Set (1957)

4:00pm Media Center Decorating: Today's episode: Compact shelving faux pas

4:30pm Jeopardy (Media Center Edition)

5:00pm Telecooking with Milos Stehlik. Delicious international recipes
that are not too messy to eat while viewing...

5:30pm The Stan Gilliam Report -- technology issues of the day

6:00pm The Media Money Hour --- investment strategies for rich media

7:00pm Sally! Sally Mason Robinson does whatever she pleases, and pleases

8:00pm Video Librarian Biography. Tonight: Ciao New York: A profile of
Becky Albitz

9:00pm Media Law and Order: Policy enforcement

10:00pm Media Library Architecture: a visit to Bill Gates' home media library

10:30pm Digital Man (premiere) a new comedy about streaming video and the
man who keeps track of it.

11:00pm Politically Correct: tonight's topic: selection of anthropology

12:00PM Media Librarians :Viewers' Choice films
tonight: Fahrenheit 451

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