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and who said Canada is dull.
you are priceless Oksana!

At 02:56 PM 28-09-99 -0700, you wrote:
>At 01:07 PM 9/28/99 -0700, you wrote:
>>Re: recent Telecom Headlines "The Info Culture: What's the Hurry"
>>and "Phone Firms Give Video a Look."
>>I, for one, am turning off my TV more and more recently. Why? I
>>cannot tolerate the frequency of advertising in a 30 or 60 minute
>Nothing beats time shifting. I tape what I want to watch and then fast
>forward through what I don't want to watch.
>> and the
>>industry wants to bring 170 channels over a different system for
>>another $35-70 per month? I already have satellite. How many more
>>stations of junk can a person watch?
>Well, maybe there'll be a media librarian specialty channel. Think of a
>typical day of programming:
>March 15, 2000:
>6:00am Silent Foreign Film Festival on the Librarian theme: Feu Mathias
>Pascal (1925)
>7:30am Library Talk: Hosts Gary Handman and Kristine Brancolini interview
>the video library newsmakers of the day. When weather permits they go
>outside the studio and talk to the multitude of fans lined up to catch a
>glimpse of them.
>9:30am The Dennis and Jessica Hour. Dennis Doros and Jessica Rosner
>demystify the world of feature film distribution with their amusing
>repartee and fascinating guests.
>11:00am The Classic Film Festival on the librarian theme: No Man of Her Own
>1:00pm Film Copyright Cops (reality tv show --syndicated)
>2:00pm The Post-WWII Film Festival on the Librarian theme: Desk Set (1957)
>4:00pm Media Center Decorating: Today's episode: Compact shelving faux pas
>4:30pm Jeopardy (Media Center Edition)
>5:00pm Telecooking with Milos Stehlik. Delicious international recipes
>that are not too messy to eat while viewing...
>5:30pm The Stan Gilliam Report -- technology issues of the day
>6:00pm The Media Money Hour --- investment strategies for rich media
>7:00pm Sally! Sally Mason Robinson does whatever she pleases, and pleases
>8:00pm Video Librarian Biography. Tonight: Ciao New York: A profile of
>Becky Albitz
>9:00pm Media Law and Order: Policy enforcement
>10:00pm Media Library Architecture: a visit to Bill Gates' home media library
>10:30pm Digital Man (premiere) a new comedy about streaming video and the
>man who keeps track of it.
>11:00pm Politically Correct: tonight's topic: selection of anthropology
>12:00PM Media Librarians :Viewers' Choice films
> tonight: Fahrenheit 451
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