Re: Viewing/Listening Rooms Policy

Nell Chenault (
Mon, 27 Sep 1999 09:43:15 -0700 (PDT)

Cabell Library has several viewing rooms which are managed by our Media
Support Service. They recently updated their service web page which has a
profile of each room and a brief policy statement:

The viewing rooms may be reserved by faculty or staff who need equipment
not available in their regular classroom. Equipment includes 16mm, VHS and
Umatic video, laserdisc, computer station, video cameras, and any old
format AV equipment. We are also adding DVD this fall. These rooms also
provide audio (telephone) and teleconferencing. One of the rooms is
equiped with a studio control room. They do not provide projectionists,
but will assist users if they have difficulty operating the equipment.

The Library Media Center is on a seperate floor. We primarily provide
viewing carrels. Users must check in at the desk prior to use of the
carrels. We control access and gather statistics by checking out
headphones. Any VCU affliliated patron (student, faculty, staff, community
borrower) may use the equipment with or without library owned material. The
general public cannot use our equipment unless they are using our software.
We recently instituted a "scholar's application" for the general public
use. All members of the general public must have a research need to use
our media collections or equipment. As an urban institution, our equipment
and collections were being overused by homeless and high school students.

We do have two group rooms which can hold up to 6 users. These rooms are
equiped with 16mm, VHS & Umatic. They are also popular for Opaque
projection. They are first-come-first-served. Users must have a student
or staff ID to check out the key. Use is limited to two hours, renewable.
No food or drink allowed.

, At 05:59 AM 9/26/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Dear Fellow VIDEOLIBers:
>I posted this query to the list a few weeks ago, but got no response. So
>I am posting again. For those of you who have viewing and/or listening
>rooms in your library, would you please take a few moments this week to
>jot down a few lines on how your library manages them? We are adding
>same to our library and I want to be armed with a few of the concerns
>(and possible SOLUTIONS) before we open to the public.
>Thanks very much. I appreciate your help.
>Eric Fry
>Media Manager
>Fort Worth Public Library

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