Re: Viewing/Listening Rooms Policy

Lori Stevens (
Mon, 27 Sep 1999 08:02:01 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Eric,
Sorry I missed your query the first time around. I live in Orem Utah and am in close proximity to a community college (where I work, 20,000 students) and University, BYU, and a community library with a huge av collection.
The city library and college circulate the cds and so do not have listening rooms. BYU has carrells set up with head phones. The student asks for a selection and the worker puts it on a turntable or whatever and checks out head phones to the student and says you will be on station number whatever. None of the libraries have viewing "ROOMS" but the two academic institutions have viewing carrels set up with little tvs (about the size of a standard monitor) and vcrs. The city library and college both circulate videos. BYU does not. Rooms are expensive, and the carrels have worked well. Hope this helps

Lori Stevens
UVSC Library ext.7421

>>> Eric Fry <efry@Radix.Net> 09/26/99 06:58AM >>>

Dear Fellow VIDEOLIBers:

I posted this query to the list a few weeks ago, but got no response. So
I am posting again. For those of you who have viewing and/or listening
rooms in your library, would you please take a few moments this week to
jot down a few lines on how your library manages them? We are adding
same to our library and I want to be armed with a few of the concerns
(and possible SOLUTIONS) before we open to the public.

Thanks very much. I appreciate your help.

Eric Fry
Media Manager
Fort Worth Public Library