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They are most expensive, also.

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What you are looking for is "Three Approaches to Psychotherapy, Series I

Three famous practicioners of different counseling styles all work with a
woman named Gloria. The series is commonly referred to as "the Gloria

This series is available from several rental libraries in 16mm format. It
is available for purchase from Psychological and Educational Films, in
California, 714-494-5079.

Be advised that this series is about 25 years old and the therapy modes
shown are no longer used in current practice. We rent it occasionally when
a historical perspective of counseling techniques is needed, but decided
against buying it, because it's too expensive to have only for the purpose
of showing the history of counseling theories.

There have been two more "Three Approaches to Psychotherapy" series since
then. We have purchased two of the three tapes in series III, and they
are used extensively. The newer series are only available for rent or
purchase only from Psychological and Educational Films.

Sue DeHut
Dir., Ed. Media Services
Linfield College

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> Can anyone out there please help me?
> I have a professor that is interested in a tape that he thinks might be
> called The Gloria Interviews. It is about 4 therapists who interview one
> woman. If this sounds familiar to anyone, please let me know.
> Thanks
> John Beltram
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> University of North Texas