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M. Dew (
Wed, 22 Sep 1999 09:19:07 -0700 (PDT)


I feel your pain.

It must be difficult for public librarians to deal with this issue.
Although SMU is affiliated to the Methodist Church, it is a loose
affiliation and the Bishop seems to have no power or authority over
ciriculum (something I wish more people were aware of when they hear
the name "Southern Methodist Univ."). Our faculty in the Liberal
Arts & Sciences College is overwhelmingly humanistic secularist in
their approach to religious issues and creationism and our School of
Theology is completely separate from the Depart. of Religious Studies
(which seems to specialize in Far East religious traditions).

That said, I can tell you that we do have a large number of
creationist videos in our collection, because the anthropology and
paleontology faculty like to use them to show how easily debunkable
creationist "science" is when they are teaching scientific method.
However, these same tapes are available for general circulation, so
that anyone with library privileges on campus may view and,
presumably, use them for whatever nefarious purpose (attempt @ humor)
they have in mind. I have noticed that some of the distributors of
those creationist videos have extremely specific and limited fair use
guidelines attached to them, which I think is rather an interesting
attempt to "protect" their dissemination...

-Margaret Dew

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