RTCC Retreat appointments

Jim Scholtz (jscholtz@sdln.net)
Tue, 14 Sep 1999 10:24:18 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Gang, I just thought I would let all the VRT gang and Videolist serv
"viewers" that ALA's RoundTable Coordinating Committee was asked to
pick/elect 2 representatives to attend an ALA executive bord retreat in
Skokie, IL Oct. 18-19. Through a ballot vehicle, I (Jim Scholtz) was
chosen as one of the RTCC representatives. I'm not sure what the meeting
agenda is at this point but will be representing VRT just as much as RTCC.
If you're attending the National Media Market in Las Vegas Oct 20-24, you
can quiz me on the happenings. I will try to represent ALA, VRT and RTCC