RE: DVD packaging/shelving dilemma

Judy Jones (
Wed, 8 Sep 1999 09:11:57 -0700 (PDT)

Our shop carpenters make our CD cabinets also. They are
4-sided, hold about 600 albums give or take, have mesh/glass
panels so you can see what's inside, and lock.

We got our first cabinet from a catalog, but is was seriously
underdesigned and VERY expensive. We do get charged back by the
carpenters shop but the price is about $800 versus $1200 and has
all the features we want.

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packaging/shelving dilemma

Several years ago we had a similar problem, only it was for CD's. None of
the commercial units seemed to fit our needs plus they were incredibly
expensive. We're a medium sized public library and are part and parcel of
our city government. I designed what we needed, drew the plans and a
skilled carpenter in our city shop built three units. We've since added
two more. They're well made, still look great and have been heavily used
for almost 10 years now. They can also be easily adapted and we'll definitely
be able to use them for DVD's. If you can work out a similar arrangement I
think you'll probably get a better product for less money and you'll get
exactly what you want! Good luck.