Re: Classroom Management Videos

Pierre J. Gregoire (
Sun, 5 Sep 1999 13:36:04 -0700 (PDT)

If you are looking for K-12 titles, our regional media library has 121 items under the heading of "Classroom Management."
System will be down until @noon Tuesday, but thereafter go to:
click on "On-Line Catalog."
click on "Admit One" ticket.
Enter 99999 as your guest ID.
Enter avid as your guest password.
Click on "Start WebMax."
Enter "Classroom Management" in the subject (not keyword) search field and click "Search."
Print by clicking in the frame, and hitting (control)P - (open apple)P on a Mac.
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Flo Farley wrote:

> I, too, would be interested in the professional development videos on classroom management for teachers that Frank requested. If you could post to the list, those of us with a cadre of new teachers coming into the retiring baby-boomer market would greatly appreciate it. > > Thanks in advance, > Flo Farley Telephone (315) 353-6684 > St. Lawrence-Lewis > School Library System Fax (315) 353-2978 > Learning Resources Center Home (315) 353-2698 > 7229 State Highway 56 e-mail > Norwood, NY 13668