le samourai

Mike Tribby (mike.tribby@dawsonhost.dawson.com)
Wed, 1 Sep 1999 07:48:21 -0700 (PDT)

Can anyone help a friend of mine with this knotty problem?

.>I've just been cataloging a video of the 1967 French film noir "Le
>samourai". It's "auteur" is Jean-Pierre Melville. The box and several
>Internet and paper sources in Reference say this is based on the novel The
>Ronin, by Joan (or Goan) Mcleod; one book on the noir genre even says its
>an American detective novel. However, the credits on the video make no
>mention of this and neither does the Magill set on foreign films which
>normally does include this kind of info. I can find nothing in RLIN, OCLC,
>NUC to verify the existence of such an author or novel. I also tried the
>French nat'l bibliog. for about 10 years before the film. I suspect this
>attribution might be fictional and Steve thinks so, too, though he did
Yeah, I know it's a cataloging question, but it seems interesting anyway.
Any insight would be appreciated!!

Mike Tribby
Senior Cataloger
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