Re: Distributor contracts

Thu, 26 Aug 1999 11:39:31 -0700 (PDT)

Thank you , Jessica, I am correct in assuming I may share Kino Video items?

Take care, Patti

>I am assuming that you are referring mostly to educational/non-fiction
>material. Many distributors of this type of material do limit it strictly to
>the purchaser's site. Since this was done by contract you would pretty much
>have to renegotiate with them for additional sites. Obviously once you have
>entered into a contract that specifies the permited use standard "face to
>Face" excemptions do not apply. I do not see any way around it. GOOD LUCK
>Jessica Rosner
>>From: Patti McVay Gorrell <PMCVAY@ACS.WOOSTER.EDU>
>>To: Multiple recipients of list <>
>>Subject: Distributor contracts
>>Date: Wed, Aug 25, 1999, 11:12 AM
>>Dear Experts,
>>We are in the beginning stages of implementing non-book sharing within our
>>consortium of five colleges. I've been re-reading contracts and lease
>>agreements to compile a list of distributors who prohibit sharing, limit
>>screenings to our site, etc. Has anyone completed this type of project and
>>do you have a list that you're willing to share? They hope to begin this
>>semester and the process is very time consuming. If distributors are
>>reading this message, please let me know if your company restricts sharing,
>>I really appreciate your help!
>>Thank you,
>>Patricia McVay Gorrell
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>>The College of Wooster Libraries
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Patricia McVay Gorrell
Manager of Film, Video, and Public Services

The College of Wooster Libraries
Gault Library, Audiovisual Services
1140 Beall Avenue
Wooster, Ohio 44691-2364
Telephone 1- 330-263-2285
Fax 1-330-263-2253