The Tin Drum: The final Chapter?

Jessica (
Thu, 26 Aug 1999 08:23:38 -0700 (PDT)

Yesterday a jury in the Federal trial of the police officers being sued for
seizing the video of The Tin Drum from the house of a private individual in
Oklahoma. By the time the case got to trial the only issue was if the
officers knew they were acting illegally in getting the rental records from
the video stores and going to private homes to sieze the tapes. The judge
had ruled previously that the tape was not child pornography and its content
could not be an issue in the trial. The police were required to pay a $2500
dollar fine which is the minimum for violating the Video Privacy Protection
act. In a related issue the district attorney's office had to delay a
computor program to link up the lawyers in their office due to the 175,000
settlement they had previously made with the video stores over siezing the
tape ( The city paid an additional 400,000 in settlement). The ACLU may
appeal the case as many issues never reached trial


Jessica Rosner