Re: Distributor contracts

Jessica (
Wed, 25 Aug 1999 07:09:40 -0700 (PDT)

I am assuming that you are referring mostly to educational/non-fiction
material. Many distributors of this type of material do limit it strictly to
the purchaser's site. Since this was done by contract you would pretty much
have to renegotiate with them for additional sites. Obviously once you have
entered into a contract that specifies the permited use standard "face to
Face" excemptions do not apply. I do not see any way around it. GOOD LUCK

Jessica Rosner
>From: Patti McVay Gorrell <PMCVAY@ACS.WOOSTER.EDU>
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>Subject: Distributor contracts
>Date: Wed, Aug 25, 1999, 11:12 AM

>Dear Experts,
>We are in the beginning stages of implementing non-book sharing within our
>consortium of five colleges. I've been re-reading contracts and lease
>agreements to compile a list of distributors who prohibit sharing, limit
>screenings to our site, etc. Has anyone completed this type of project and
>do you have a list that you're willing to share? They hope to begin this
>semester and the process is very time consuming. If distributors are
>reading this message, please let me know if your company restricts sharing,
>I really appreciate your help!
>Thank you,
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