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The 'Human face of the Pacific' is a Film Australia production. I could
not see it listed on their web site but that does not include the full

Their homepage is:

Contact them and they will be able to help. They use not to have a
distributor in the U.S. but they did have one in Canada who could only supply
to purchasers in Canada. U.S. requests had to go to the head office in
Linfield, in the northern suburbs of Sydney. A copy could be supplied in
NTSC but that entailed extra cost.

Anyway, start with them.

The series was done for Film Australia by Oliver Howes and Dennis
O'Rourke. Dennis O'Rourke last I knew had pulled a number of the videos he
had done himself such as Good Woman of Bankok from being supplied by Film
Australia to supplying it himself. That was a couple of years. Not sure
what the situation is at present with those titles but it would be easy to
find out. However, I am sure that the Human Face of the Pacific would not
be in this category and be still with Film Australia.


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hi everyone --

anyone know if this film series on Polynesia from the 1980's
is available for purchase?

if so, could you let me know -

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