Rudy Burckhardt
Wed, 4 Aug 1999 12:08:18 -0700 (PDT)

Filmmaker, photographer, friend of many artists, painter, recorder of the New
York scene (and not just NY) died over the weekend. We have what is probably
the only documentary film about him. We have already received a couple of
inquiries about it. So for anyone interested, a brief description follows.

Price: $49.95 plus $5 for UPS shipping.

PON 739, KENT, CT 06757


Artist, painter, photographer, film maker Rudy Burckhardt explains his
aesthetic and demonstrates his techniques. Includes many film excerpts,
Burckhardt's own voice, and comments by critic Faubion Bowers.

Burckhardt was born in Switzerland and has worked in several media, including
still photography, film, and paint. At the time this program was produced he
was experimenting with painting on images projected onto canvas. He was one
of the earliest "time lapse" photographers, a technique by which processes
that may take weeks or months to achieve in real time are compressed to a few
minutes of film time.

On this program are excerpts from his films "Pursuit of Happiness",
documenting the patterns of pedestrians on a New York City street; "See
Naples and..." examining ordinary moments in the life of a busy Italian city;
"Haiti", images from the island nation; "Doldrums" about Jersey City, N.J.;
"Trash Lives", glorifying the banality of what we leave lying on the streets;
and "Caterpillar", a time-lapse view of a day-long journey by an inchworm --
presented in one minute.
1974, color, 27 mins.