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I have, on occasion, purchased pricey titles - Tom Peters comes
to mind, and "Business of Paradigms" (2 copies); however, I am
quick to warn the ordering department - usually Business - that
one title that expensive will use up their entire allotment for
the year.

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pricey videos dilemma

Dear Rhonda,
Most of the videos we buy are those pricey videos. You may be able to get
a considerable discounts if you purchase several titles from one company.
There are many distributors for business videos who represent many
different producers. Please let me know what are the titles you are
interested in purchasing. I may be able to give you some names for you
to shop around. Angie

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hi all,

just curious...i just got handed a request from our business dept.
for five videos, each costing $795.00 each. they will probably discount
to $695.00, but do you all pay this price for videos?

i know business videos are expensive, and on occasion i bite the bullet
and purchase them, but sheesh, this is so steep! are you guys all putting
out this kind of money for these videos?


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