Re: Old Media

Pierre J. Gregoire (
Sun, 25 Jul 1999 22:22:54 -0700 (PDT)

Questions like torn sprocket holes:
Does one contact each producer of withdrawn titles to verify their
consent to transfer the license?
Given our professional mission to provide access to the best possible
information resources, can passing these resources deemed no longer worthy,
to another user be a small abrogation of duty?
A dated, misinforming production can be (often is) heavily circulated. A
more aggressive approach (which we took with our 16 mm ed. media) can be to
concern ourselves with pulling instructors/teachers to better material by
making the old inaccessible. We did not receive any complaints from school
district superintendents!
I am viewing this from the perspective of a K-12 collection (no feature
films, classic or otherwise - although we do own a video on purchasing a used
car featuring the narration of one, Harry Rivers (Geraldo Rivera) -
certainly classic material). I guess I'm relying on you folks in higher ed.
to fulfill the archival role. Has anyone read anything discussing the
inherent expectations of the film/video viewer regarding currency of content
and the incumbent responsibility of the producer (and subsequently the video
librarian) to meet those expectations?

Pierre J. Gregoire, MLIS.
Audio Visual Institute of DuPage
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