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Subject: pricey videos dilemma

>hi all,
>just curious...i just got handed a request from our business dept.
>for five videos, each costing $795.00 each. they will probably discount
>to $695.00, but do you all pay this price for videos?
>i know business videos are expensive, and on occasion i bite the bullet
>and purchase them, but sheesh, this is so steep! are you guys all putting
>out this kind of money for these videos?
When departments request programs that cost this much, I request that they
share in the cost. Generally, if they feel the programs are worth the
price, they will contribute at least 10%, sometimes 25%. If they are not
willing to contribute anything, especially at the beginning of the fiscal
year, I am very hesitant to spend that much money on so few programs that
will serve a limited number of students.

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