Re: Old Media Equipment

Fri, 23 Jul 1999 08:44:21 -0700 (PDT)

Tami-Jo asks about disposing/dispersing old equipment.

In Calgary, we are also partially government funded. But while we have to turn
in our old books to a central redistribution warehouse, we can dispose of our
old audiovisual hardware by taking it off the inventory and sending it to
Materials Management (that's Purchasing & Shipping/Receiving) to sell off to the
College community for a few dollars. Whichever department took the equipment
off their inventory does not see a penny of the sale.

Rick asks about old 16 mm films.

We have nowhere to send these for reuse. We can't guarantee how worn the films
are anyway. We donated the feature films to the English dept. where the film
courses are taught and gave them a projector as well. The remainder of our
films were cut up, by us, and thrown in a recycling barrel to have the silver
retrieved by a specialist. We were paid by the pound for this.

This destruction was justified by the Library's streamlining all media types to
just VHS and some slides. We dubbed or repurchased where possible.

Stephen Davies
Mount Royal College, Calgary