Re: "Video Search" suggestion

Marilyn Huntley (
Thu, 22 Jul 1999 06:56:27 -0700 (PDT)

Yeah, Rick! That suggestion has been made before (in fact, I think I made
it once on another list), and it helps for a while, but eventually we're
back to the don't-tell subject lines.

I'd think the person doing the asking would WANT to include the movie title
in the subject line. When I post a question, it's always easy to recognize
the replies that are meant for me. Among all the "RE: video search"
messages, I can pick out mine immediately because there's my movie title in
plain sight. That same convenience applies when I'm following the thread of
someone else's request, and trying to match up the replies with the
particular search that caught my attention earlier in the day.

Marilyn Huntley
Hamilton College

At 04:04 PM 7/21/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Just a small suggestion... no flame intended at all! 8^)
>When we put the title of the video that we're looking for in the subject
>field of email to this email list, many of us can then immediately know (by
>reading the subject of the message) that we're not going to be able to help,
>and we then move on to rest of our incoming emails...