re Maysles "The Salesman"
Wed, 21 Jul 1999 08:19:54 -0700 (PDT)

Creative Arts Television carries a 55 minute documentary with and about the
Maysles, made in 1969 when "The Salesman" was released.

Writer-editor Jack Kroll, then a senior critic for Newsweek, interviews film
makers Albert and David Maysles about what they called at that time a "new
technique of natural movie making, Direct Cinema". The program includes
excerpts from "The Salesman" (about door to door sale of The Bible to poor
people in Boston).

The Maysles became a self-contained two man film crew, when that was highly
unusual. It required innovations in technology to facilitate getting sync
sound. They followed the salesmen around in an early example of "cinema
verite." Conversation themes include how they worked, how they got the
subjects to agree to being filmed, and whether their own attitudes toward
the salesmen influenced their final film.

The documentary costs $49.95 plus $5 for UPS shipping.

Creative Arts Television
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