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Viedt is very cool, indeed. It's ironic that Warner Bros seems to have
frequently been cast as the universal Nazi (see for eg the wonderfully
under-rated 1942 comedy/drama "All Through the Night" with Bogart, Peter
Lorre)...sort of ironic, considering the fact that AC, a strong anti-Nazi,
fled to England in 1940 (with his Jewish wife) to avoid the inevitable...

Check out:

At 09:08 AM 07/19/1999 -0700, you wrote:
>Just for fun....
>I watched Casablanca again last night, and was
>amazed to see the name Conrad Viedt in the credits.
>He played the tall German officer...what a pleasure to watch.
>He was the scary Somnambulist Cesar in the Cabinet of Caligari, and
>a leading actor in other German silent films.
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