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A DVD is a 5-inch optical disc. It looks like an audio CD or a CD-ROM, but
it differs in important ways. It is a high-capacity storage device that
contains at least 4.7 GB of data, which is a seven-fold increase over the
current CD-ROM standard. There are two variations that offer even more
storage capacity, a 2-layer version with 9.4 GB capacity and double-sided
discs with 17 GB capacity. These highest-capacity discs are designed to
replace CD-ROM to store large databases. DVD video is intended to replace
VHS as the primary mean for distributing entertainment to the home. A DVD
disc holds 133 minutes on each side, which means that two two-hour movies
could be held on one disc, offering six discrete channels of audio. DVD
video is encoded with MPEG-2 compressed video and Dolby AC-3 (Dolby
Digital) audio. Picture quality is superior to laserdiscs, with 500 lines
of resolution to laserdisc's 400; VHS contains only 250 lines of
resolution. DVD offers consumers picture and sound quality superior to
existing distribution formats, in a compact, durable package. DVD is
primarily a format for the distribution of feature films at this time, but
there are indications that it will eventually replace VHS for the
distribution of educational video as well.

To play DVDs you need a DVD player or a computer with a DVD-ROM drive.

For more information, see these URLs:

The Yahoo! DVD site is searchable and has links to many other useful DVD
web sites. This is a persistent site and Yahoo! updates the links

E/Town: The Home Electronics Guide. Their "DVD Central" is an
attractive, well-organized, and nearly comprehensive source of DVD

The DVD Video Group --

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> Hello All
> Could the smart brains (meaning all of you) please help me with the following
> questions:
> 1. What is DVD?
> 2.How does it work?
> 3.What is the difference between CD, CD-ROM and DVD?
> What equipment is needed?
> Apart from Feature Films what other material is available on DVD's
> Marguerite