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Found this on the web, KB (Chicago Film Festival

Freida Lee Mock and
Terry Sanders

In their follow-up to the Oscar-winning
Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision, directors
Freida Lee Mock and Terry Sanders tell of
the 462 American pilots held captive as
prisoners of war in North Vietnam, some for
as long as eight-and-a-half years. Enduring
seemingly endless physical and mental
torture in the notorious "Hanoi Hilton," the
prisoners' stories serve as shining examples
of the unbreakable human spirit. With
heartfelt sincerity and some surprising
humor the pilots detail how they went from
being confident, cocky flyboys to humbled,
often terrified captives. Their only
objective: to survive and return home
without shaming themselves or their
(English; 102 min.)

At 07:48 AM 07/13/1999 -0700, Kristine R. Brancolini wrote:
>Does anyone know about a documentary about the Vietnam War, produced by
>Freida Lee Mott and Terry Sanders, called _Return with Honor_? It is
>mentioned in a recent book about Vietnam that one of our users is reading.
>The book suggested that program had been released, but I can't find it in
>the usual suspects (Bowker, Video Source Book, OCLC WorldCat, Video
>Librarian index -- 1998, 1999). I also checked WorldCat by filmmakers'
>names, in case the title was slightly incorrect. Any help would be
>greatly appreciated.
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