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Mark D. Stevens (
Mon, 12 Jul 1999 16:29:03 -0700 (PDT)

I work at a public library serving a population of 80k +. We have a film
collection of about 12,000 videos and have just started circulating 500
DVDs. We have a (one) Multimedia PC with a DVDROM drive that patrons can
use to try the technology or skip through and see if they want to rent it.
It is close to the AV ref desk so patrons can be assisted if they request
it. We charge $1 for a week per title. We also have a room with surround
sound and a big screen TV (it is about 5' tall) with VHS and DVD players
that patrons can go in and watch one of the titles that is on display. That
way they can try out the player (JVC) and the technology in a home theater
environment. We shelve them on standard library shelving like a book. We
recase the soft cases as needed using the black alpha case and we strip the
case and do nothing to the disc. At each checkout the patron is given a
brief 20 second instruction on handling and removing the disc from the case.
They have been extremely popular.

I am assuming you are in an academic environment trying to figure out your
Media Resource center. This probably isn't a lot of help, but may give you
some ideas.
Lori Stevens

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Date: Monday, July 12, 1999 4:53 PM
Subject: DVD / Library media centers

>Is anyone out there collecting movies in DVD format? What type of
>carrels or viewing area set/up do you provide? What equipment to
>check out? What is provided for classroom useage?
>Is there a college or university with audio/video listening/viewing
>labs, computer labs for word processing, spreadsheets, etc., and
>computer labs for web research mixed together in a "Media Commons"
>concept? Or partially mixed?
>Any input would be appreciated!
>Sue DeHut
>Susan Davis DeHut