Sergei Eisenstein CD-ROM

Oksana Dykyj (
Mon, 12 Jul 1999 12:31:04 -0700 (PDT)

Hi all,

I thought I'd let you know about a wonderful CD-ROM I recently acquired
which I think is worthy of consideration by film studies and art history
academic librarians. EISENSTEIN: THE BODY OF THE LINE,(Fondation Daniel
Langlois, 1999) is the catalogue for an exhibit of Eisenstein's drawings
that took place in Montreal a couple of months ago. These drawings had
never been shown in North America since Eisenstein's death. I believe the
show may travel to New York in the near future. The CD-ROM is scholarly yet
not overwhelming or fragmented, and it makes proper use of the medium
rather than simply transplanting an illustrated written text. I can see
that an instructor might want to use it in class to illustrate a lecture or
allow students to study it for their own research. There is a print option
allowing bibliographies or essays to be printed. (Naturally, copyright
restrictions apply to the images)

In terms of the disc, it is easy to navigate and contains most, if not all,
the 100+ drawings in the exhibition. Each drawing is shown in thumbprint
size with a full description and there are full screen and various zoom-ins
possible for every image, making it possible to actually see the texture of
the paper. The accompanying essays, "Eisenstein the Graphic Artist", "Body
of the Line", "Caricatures: Anthropomorphism and Animality", "Doubling and
Androgyny" and "The Magical Power of Images" are all hyperlinked to
bibliographical sources and images. (When you point your mouse at the
footnote number, the citation immediately pops up) The disc also contains a
biography, a list of Eisenstein's exhibits since 1948, a list of plays and
an annotated filmography. The bibliography section is comprehensive and
extremely well organized as well as being completely searcheable by
author, title and keyword. It contains exhibition catalogs and albums;
books and texts by Eisenstein; books, periodicals, monographs on
Eisenstein; texts by Eisenstein published in French; and texts by
Eisenstein published in English. Lastly, the CD-ROM is completely bilingual
(English/French) and multi-platform.

The price was $69. CDN. If you're interested in purchasing it, you should
contact the curator, Jean Gagnon at 514-987-7177. His mailing address is
1800 McGill College Ave., Suite 2440, Montreal, QC Canada H3A 3J6. His
e-mail is


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