Re: Clearing Rights to Film Clips

Jessica (
Wed, 30 Jun 1999 14:43:17 -0700 (PDT)

RKO is now part of Warner Bros library. I hope you have a lot of money as
the going rate I am told can be around $5,000 per minute. you pretty much go
through the legal dept. of each studio
Good luck


PS the Paramount musical shorts are owned by the Douris Corp and at least
one of them
stars Carmichael
>From: "Kristine R. Brancolini" <>
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>Subject: Clearing Rights to Film Clips
>Date: Wed, Jun 30, 1999, 9:21 PM

>For a documentary film on Hoagy Carmichael, I'm looking for contacts for
>clearing rights to feature film clips. The filmmaker found a place on the
>Paramount web site where she can clear rights for Paramount films, but
>hasn't had much luck for other companies. Any assistance would be greatly
>Universal Studios (for pre-1949 Paramount films)
>RKO (I think this was sold to Turner, but I'm not sure)
>Warner Brothers
>Kristine Brancolini
>Indiana University Libraries