Re: GATT and retroactive copyright

Jessica (
Wed, 30 Jun 1999 11:17:34 -0700 (PDT)

Do not worry about Rashoman M or Ikiru as they are all Home Vision legally
licenced titles.
In this case the enforcement would be good as it should get crappy cheapie
copies off the market

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>Subject: Re: GATT and retroactive copyright
>Date: Wed, Jun 30, 1999, 4:51 PM

>Jessica is right. I looked at theextensive website yesterday. There are
>long lists including
>a lot of Japanese, Soviet, German,and Latin American Films, and others too.
>Famous titles such as Ikiru and Rashomon, M, Exterminating Angel.
>These are listed under NIE's..."Notice of Intent to Enforce."
>In other words, the copyright holders have given notice that they will
>pirates, etc.Criminal penalties are stiff.
>So if you've been putting off adding to your foreign film
>collection....perhaps you should hurry.
>This is part of a much bigger picture..cracking down on bootleg CD's,
>computer software, as well as films.